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Garage Door Repairs- Serving Campbell

Here is a rundown of some of the garage door repairs that we can complete for you today, anywhere in Campbell.

Spring Repair

At the point when your garage door’s springs cease to work, this can make huge issues for your torsion system’s balance framework. This can be an intense repair to handle as springs help to hold up the garage door. In the event that you attempt to remove the spring, be aware that it can pull back at you which can harm your eyes or hands. We can inspect your door springs and find a substitute spring so we can fix it for you ASAP.

Opener Repair

Your opener will frequently experience issues with its motor head or other moving parts. The opener repair starts with evaluating the current condition of the opener itself. We will assess every segment and afterwards we will decide if it can be repaired or if the current opener should be removed so that you can supplement it with another one.

Cable Replacement

Your garage door cables can snap or fray. This is on the grounds that they are always being wound up and afterward rewound again around the drums. We can separate the cables and supplant them with the goal that they can backtrack onto the link drums and work to securely lift up your garage door in a safe manner.

Bent, Misaligned, and Rusted Tracks

Your garage door tracks may have issues in the event that they become curved, rusted or misaligned. The repair that we do includes bowing the track so that it can go back to its original spot. In the event that you see that your track is rusted then it is important for us to assess its overall structure so that we can figure out whether it is salvageable or if an immediate replacement is required.

Broken or Bent Rollers

Your garage door rollers can get to be twisted or broken because of the way that they need to move up off the ground each time that it is raised or lowered. In the event that a roller is not working, it needs to be adjusted appropriately. If it is not adjusted then this can make the whole garage door become misaligned. The rollers ought to be checked after they are replaced to guarantee that they are straight and work properly with the door.

Broken or Loose Hinges

Detached or broken hinges can be a security issue for your garage door. The hinges need to help carry the weight of the door, which is several hundred pounds. In the event that your hinges are detached, we can tighten them up for you. If you have a broken hinge then we will securely remove it and replace it with a fresh one the same day.

Trolley Carriage Replacement

In the event that your trolley carriage is not attempting to open the garage door, then it can be to your advantage to replace it. We can start by removing the trolley carriage and verifying whether it is broken or not. The trolley carriage will in most cases still move, however in the event that the door won’t raise and lower then this implies that a replacement trolley carriage is required. We will detach the carriage and pull it from the trolley itself with the goal that we can disengage the header section from the door’s rail so we can take off the current trolley to finish the replacement task completely.

Broken Sensor Eye

Your garage door uses a sensor eye to keep apprised of what it needs to do. If your sensor eye is cracked or dirty then this can require a repair which we can undertake for you.

Emergency Services

Garage door emergencies are a part of the business. We know that problems can happen regardless of the day of the week or the time of the day. We have a number that you can call after hours for emergency repair services. Don’t be embarrassed to call us because we handle any problem regardless of the circumstances.

Same Day Service

Most garage door companies do not offer you same day service, but we decided to take this action to show you whose side we are on- yours. If you need a repair or replacement performed then you as a client have the right to expect it to be done when your schedule is free. We offer same day services on both small and large scale repair jobs.

Section or Panel Replacement

Segments or panels of your garage door can be harmed due to crashes in which an auto, bicycle, skateboard or other thing hits front of the garage door. It is critical to repair the panels because if you do not, then they can curve or sever when the door lifts and closes.

Weather Seal Replacement

Every few months, you should closely inspect your garage door’s weather seal. The weather seal can come off because it is on the bottom of the door and the cold air, wind and rain exposure can make the caulking start to come off so that it cannot adhere any longer. We can come to your home or business and replace the weather seal in a snap. Your door will then be tightly sealed moving forward.

Safety Eye Adjustment

Safety eyes help your door prevent you from getting injured. There is a sender and a receiver which communicate with the garage door opener. Misalignment and obstacles can be two reasons why the safety eyes do not work correctly. We can perform an adjustment of the safety eyes or repair them if they no longer can work adequately enough.


Your garage door drums commonly need repairs in light of the fact that they can no more work viably because of wear and tear. Since the drums turn the cables, you have to check and make sure that they are greased so that they do not acquire a lot of grit. If you find that a drum looks damaged, then we can remove the drum and replace it for you.

Bearing Plates

Your bearing plates help to make your garage door close in a very smooth and liquid design. Your end bearing plates can get to be worn or broken on account of the coarseness that gathers on them as they are being utilized by the garage door’s working framework. Because of the weight of the door, we caution people against trying to repair bearing plates by themselves.


Keypads on garage doors can be a hassle to fix. The wiring on these pads can become loosened due to exposure to the elements or wind. You will often need a replacement keypad because keypad wires can short out very easily so they can ruin the effectiveness of the entire device.


If your garage door remote won’t work then you can become frustrated while trying to fix it. Your battery compartment should be your first destination when your remote fails to switch on. We can help you to purchase a replacement remote if the wires no longer work or if the device has become broken.


The torsion system uses gears to help make sure that everything works smoothly. Gears have to have lubricant applied to them to avoid dirt and debris problems. Never try to remove a gear assembly by yourself. You could put your life in danger.


The boards help to act as a connector and aid to the garage door so that it can communicate fully what has to happen. A faulty board can mean that the brain of the garage door is not being triggered when it should be. We can locate your garage door model’s board and re-install it with the control panel to patch it up.


The metal shaft is needed to keep your garage door’s torsion springs tied down. This allows the door to be hoisted so that the door rises. We suggest a shaft replacement if the integrity of the part is lacking.


A coupling will turn on the garage door screw drive so that it turns and operates within the motor head. Couplings and couplers typically will have to undergo a replacement together because they wear at the same rate.


Slats are often repaired because these metal bars endure stress and are harmed by an incident with the steel door. If the steel door cannot roll itself back up, then this can prevent the door from closing properly. Because of the material, the slat has to be removed via a mitre saw.


Garage door bumpers are great at preventing your garage door from escaping the track if the door falls. This is an vital component because the bumper’s rubber stop is very strong. If this is worn then the fast falling nature of the garage door can cause damage that can be hard to fix.


Commercial, steel and double wide garage doors often have a strut or struts on them. A strut will be at the top of your door and you can also have them in the middle of the door as well. The vast length of the strut is the reason why we ask people to allow us to conduct the repair job for them.

When you choose Pro Line Garage Doors, you have a 100% warranty that our repairs will work properly. Other repair companies may see you as a way to get money quickly without offering a quality product. We believe that our same day service is an asset that you can bank on.

Your garage door also needs to be maintained. We can give you a list of tasks that we can do for you to make sure that your garage door can tackle whatever mother nature throws at it. We can also help you make sure that your garage door does not have any potential safety issues that you may not notice at first glance. We have inspection lists that we are meticulous about so that we can check every system to make sure that you and your family members are safe when using your garage door.

We will give you an honest assessment of what is wrong with your garage door. We can also itemize the expenses line by line to show you exactly how much you can expect to pay for both our labor costs and the replacement parts that you need to have. We keep all of the necessary parts in stock so that we can abide by our promise to repair your door on the same day.

If you do attempt to perform any garage door repairs then we caution you in regards to your safety. You should wear gloves and protective eye wear when trying to do a repair. If you need advice or parts then give us a call and we will gladly try to explain what you should do step by step so that you can have the correct parts and know how you should install them. If you cannot complete your repairs for whatever reason, then you can schedule a service call with us seven days per week. We are Pro Line Garage Doors and we put the pro in professional service!